Detail of the right leg of a stranger I’ve followed, he had a date with his lover, but before that he bought some bread, popped in a pharmacy and eventually stopped at the bank too. I know that she was his lover because, before following him, I had seen him with his wife and children and, after receiving a call, he had made an excuse and said goodbye to them, his wife kissed him on the mouth and, looking at her behavior, she does not suspect of her husband. I wore my shades and I followed him and, after several errands, the encounter took place at 16.43 on 18/09/07, in a bar, she was seated waiting for him, I was a few meters away, but close enough to hear that they were arguing, she could not take that situation any more, I can understand that, with classic sentences that could have been on a film, he promises that he will talk with his wife and she needs to be patient, it’s not easy and bla bla bla, and she threatens to tell everything to his wife and he is stressed and doesn’t know what to do. To be honest, I’ve seen his wife and she looked prettier than his lover, unless I’ve misunderstood and who I thought to be the lover in reality is the wife, who made a scene because he was late and the other woman, who I believed to be the wife, is in reality his lover, who has kids and is calm and understanding and when he had to leave she did not make a fuss. What an intricate situation, and a bit strange too, I’m wondering why someone should pick a lover with kids, well, everyone surely behaves as they like and I won’t give any moral lesson either, but this story of a lover with children doesn’t convince me very much, she might be his sister and he met her just to talk, but then we can’t explain the kiss on the mouth, but maybe I misunderstood, so let’s recap: He meets his sister and her children to talk, even though those are not things to tell your sister, better a friend, so why doesn’t he speak to a friend? Ah, I’ve got it, his lover is his best friend’s wife, thus he couldn’t speak to him at all, it seems silly, but where is his wife then? Noooo, maybe his wife’s cheated on him with his best friend… P.S.: the leg is not the right but the left, 2009, Inkjet print on photograph paper, 18 x 13,5 cm 


Just the square, when the man was still talking to his sister, in the meantime the children are chasing one another and one has fallen and cries, there it goes, now the phone rings, 2009, Inkjet print on photograph paper, 18 x 13,5

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