Small boat with flat bottom abandoned on the Vilaine river in the Breton region of France, the boat was owned by an old fisherman, who had passionately carried out his work since childhood, he was the last living member of a long generation of fishermen, after his father’s death at sea, the family run into debt and, in order to earn some money, they had to sell the house and the father’s boat, an old fishing boat that was formerly under sail and then turned into engine-driven. Jacques Corbeille, this was the name of the fisherman, tried very hard to restore the family old fishing tradition, but, despite all his efforts, he just managed to earn enough money for some food and to partially pay back the debts.  He married Laetitia Queneau, who didn’t give birth to any child, perhaps because the fisherman was often away. After a life of privations, when business finally seemed to be picking up, his wife contracted pneumonia, worsened very quickly and died in a few months; Jacques, left alone, started to heavily drink and soon lost the boat he had managed to buy with so many sacrifices; after a few months he left the sea, went to live in a shed by the river Vilaine and survived fishing in the river (with poor results) using this small boat, the only thing he was able to retain of his equipment; later he had to sell the engine and was forced to moor the boat at the quay near the shed where he was living. On September 15th1997 he was found dead by some campers caught by a sudden storm, the corpse was in a state of advanced decomposition, the coroner confirmed that he had died at least two months earlier due to natural causes; when they carried away the body, the rope of the boat broke leaving it to its destiny, not having an owner and, considering its proprietor’s bad fate, nobody wanting to take it, the boat probably reached the Vilaine’s outlet getting forever lost in the Atlantic, 2009, Inkjet print on photograph paper, 9 x 6,5 cm 


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