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Everything you may have heard about me, may be true or it may be false.
So, this is my point of view, but I may have missed something.

My name is Antonio Guiotto, many friends of mine call me Toni, I don’t like it, but never mind.

I was born in Padua, June 9, 1978, then, I think I was conceived in the fall, but I never had the courage to ask my mother or my father , they are a bit ‘ traditionalists , we don’t talk about sex.

However, after primary and middle school , I convinced my parents, so, I have attended the artistic high school in Padua, and after the diploma I have enlisted in the Italian Air Force. Why in the Air Force? Because someone said to me that the Air Force recruited the beautifull boys. 

After the milatary service, I have studied to the Accademy of Fine Art in Venice, becouse, i wanted to become an Artist , yes, with the Big “A”, 

I don’t know if I’m succeeding, posterity will judge, although, for many years, my mom’s dream was,  that I followed  the military career or,  like second choice, the ecclesiastical, until to think I could follow them both, perhaps, becoming Military Chaplain, or maybe Cardinal/Colonel,  and to become, i don’t know, Pope/General of the Army, who knows. Needless to say, that I have followed my instinct.

I have always considered my studies, as something quite and linear, and in any case just a means to meet other people with the same passion and my own interests, so I think that High School and Academy, have not influenced so much who I’m became. Certainly helped me to acquire a wealth of information and knowledge, then, the stimuli came from elsewhere, for example; I have always considered fundamental in my education, the wonderful relationship I had with my grandfather, my mom’s dad, he was everything but an artist, he was very inventive, he repaired and built everythings, for example, i remember an object, I’d like to rebuild, because it would be a wonderful sculpture. Another key person for my input, he was my father, not so much for art, but for the way he see things, and the sensitivity he also had to mix the concrete. 

The time that I use to study art, is much lower than the time I spend for any other topic, because, i think, just look at the art, I would to do art that looks like other art, this is a phrase I’ve heard 10/11 years ago on Dawson Creek, referring to the movies, and I think it was the only smart thing said in that series for teenagers. Luck would have it, zapping, I was here listening to that phrase at that precise moment. 

I mean, at one point I decided that I had to become an Artist, and I had to do shows and “show” what I was doing to many people as possible. 

Some show is successful, a few shows, not really. 

Now, as well as making art, I write and design, i work with photography, and video, and all i can say, is that i keep busy and I follow everything with the same passion.



-ARTE AL KILO, Mercato di Mestre (Venezia) e Marina Bastianello Gallery, curator Marina Bastianello
-DOVE SIAMO, ledwall HTM Mestre e Marina Bastianello Gallery, Mestre-Venezia, curator Alessio Vigni


-ARCIPELAGO APERTO, Magazzini del Sale, Venezia, curators Paola Cenati, Shengyu Chen, Dominika Chrzanová, Rebecka Forsén, Julia Grosshans, Feng Luo, Sorcha McNamara, Zhenyu Wang

-#GUARDIAMOAVANTI, Marina Bastianello Gallery, Mestre-Venezia, curator Marina Bastianello

-RENOVATION,  Marina Bastianello Gallery, Mestre-Venezia, CURATOR Marina Bastianello


-IMPROVISE, ADAPT AND OVERCOME, TRA, Treviso Ricerca Arte, Treviso, curator Chiara Casarin

-SENZA TITOLO CON DIDASCALIA, Musei Civici di Bassano, curator Daniele Capra


-GESAMTKUNSTWERK (BUT THE MUSIC), Orgatec, Cologne, curator Vulcano Produzioni

-CHE ARTE FA OGGI IN ITALIA, Fondazione Michetti, Francavilla al Mare, curator Renato Barilli


-BLOOM AWARD, Art Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, curators Walter Gehlen, Yasha Young e Stephan Berg


-GOODBYE GOODBUY, Farmacia Wurmkos Sesto San Giovanni, Milano, curator Carrozzeria Margot


-RUDZISTKY POINT – un cadeau pour Man Ray, Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi, Venezia, Video projection for live music by Alvise Zambon and Giovanni Sparano, by the conservatory Benedetto Marcello of Venezia

-CONCRETE DESIGN, Okay Art Gallery, Basilea, curator Nadine Okay-Erismann

-VIDEOART YEARBOOK, Bologna, curator Renato Barilli 

-VIDEOART YEARBOOK, Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci, Prato, curators Reanato Barilli e Fabio Cavallucci

-REPERTUM, Cervarese Santa Croce (Padova), curator Marco Tondello

-VERBOVISIONI, Venezia, curator Riccardo Caldura


-VIDEOART YEARBOOK, Bologna, curators Renato Barilli and Guido Bartorelli

-StillFrame, Venice, curators Cake Away (Monica Bosaro, Elisa Fantin, Giada Pellicari, Samuele Piazza)


-TALENT PRIZE, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome,  curators Margherita MAccaferri and Vasco Forconi

-NEMO PROPHETA IN PATRIA OVEST, Santa Croce Padova, curator Elena Squizzato

-VIDEOART YEARBOOK, Bologna, curators Renato Barilli and Guido Bartorelli

-4 PROTAGONISTI DELLA NUOVA CREATIVITà ITALIANA, Ex Macello, Padova, curators Renato Barilli, Guido Bartorelli and Guido Molinari

-A LOVE MEAL, Whitechapel Gallery, London, from Sandretto Re Rebaudengo collection

-COLOC, Anyspace Gallery, Brussel, curators Francesca Chiacchio and Michela Sacchetto


-EQUILIBRIUM, Sacristan House, Asolo, Treviso, curator Pietro Rigolo 

-ON VIEDEOS, for hours and hours III, A.B.C. Arte BOCCANERA Contemporanea, Trento, curators Renato Barilli and Guido Bartorelli

-OUT OF FOCUS, Padova, curators SUPERFLUO and Caterian Benvegnù

-DAE, Dobiarteventi 2012, Starranzano Gorizia, curator Michele Spanghero

-PIXEL, the new generation Italian video art, San Benedetto del Tronto, curator Giovanni Viceconte

-FUTURE LANDSCAPE in DC, Taibon Block, Taibon Agordino, Belluno, curator Riccardo Caldura

-VIDEOART YEARBOOK, Bologna, curators Renato Barilli and Guido Bartorelli

-Contemporary Art Expò, San Benedetto del Tronto, curator Giovanni Viceconte

-HOMEPAGE FESTIVAL, Udine, curator Alice Ginaldi

-FUTURE LANDSCAPE, Forte Marghera, Venice, curator Riccardo Caldura

-OFFICINA ITALIA 2, Ex Macello, Padua, curator Renato Barilli

-OFFICINA ITALIA 2, crab, Centro Ricerca dell’Accademia di Brera, Ex Church of San Carpoforo Milan, curator Renato Barilli


-OFFICINA ITALIA 2, alt arte Lavoro Territorio, Alzano Lombardo, Bergamo, curator Renato Barilli

-PARCO DEL CONTEMPORANEO, EDGE PARK, Forte Marghera, Venice, curator Riccardo Caldura

-DOLOMITI CONTEMPORANEE, DOLOMITENHOF RESORT, Sospirolo, Belluno, curators Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano

-MADE IN CHINA,  galleria Browning Asolo Treviso, curators Daniele Capra and Maura Celant

-COLLECTING IDENTITIES: I STAY THEREFORE WE ARE, Osloo, zattera del Padiglione Danese, Isle of San Servolo Venice, Venice, curators Fos and La Collezione di Carrozzeria Margot

-OFFICINA ITALIA 2, Fabbrica, Gambettola, Cesena, Museum Room of the Baraccano Bologna, curator Renato Barilli

-AMATEURS, Perugi Arte Contemporanea Padua, curator Guido Bartorelli

-SUPERFLUO#1 CENTRAL PARK, Parcheggio Multipiano Central Park, Padua, curator Superfluo


Uno sguardo senza peso, Palazzo  Piazzoni Parravicini, Vittorio Veneto Treviso, curators Carlo Sala and Daniele Capra

-HOUSE GUEST, Galleria Browning, Asolo Treviso, curator Maura Buosi

-You-We+Ablo, Rotonda di Via Besana, Milan, curator Francesco Bonami


-The contemporary art cover show, Perugi artecontemporanea, Padua, curator Guiddo Bartorelli

-Quotidiana 09, Padua, curators, Teresa Iannotta and Stefania Schiavon

di passaggio o per restare, Gemine:Muse, Padua, site specific installation, in Padua  Metrobus line curators Teresa Iannotta and Stefania Schiavon


-DIVISIONI VISIONIDI, A+A Gallery, Venice curator, Afra Canali, supervisor Domitilla Musella


-Arte &Sud-obiettivo contemporaneo, Villa Fortuna, Acitrezza, Catania curator, Antonio Arevalo 


-Empowerment – cantiere Italia, Villa Bombrini Genov), with group Riservartificiale curator Marco Scotini

-Convergenze 04, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, with group Riservartificiale curator Olga Gambari

-Petrologiche, Galleria A+A (Venice), with group Riservartificiale (curator Andrea Morucchio)


-Sogni e Conflitti, 50° Biennale Arti Visive di Venezia, with group Riservartificiale, curator Francesco Bonami

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