Sure is that I would’ve never thought of finding myself in Sweden, in this period, but opportunities always present themselves unexpectedly and accidentally.  My friend Ulrika, decided I absolutely had to visit “Moderna Museet” in Stockholm, in the Skeppsholmen island; not that I am a great art expert, but it intrigued me, above all because the Swedish girl lived up to the reputation of beauty these girls have. Among all the artworks there was one that certainly stood out, one that took me aback, the work of such Marcel Duchamp, just a common urinal in white china, those you find in public bars; and though taking pictures was prohibited, I, being a good Italian, broke the rules and brought home a nice memento.  The same evening Ulrika and I went to the restaurant bar “Akkurat Restaurang & Bar AB” in Hornsgaten  street, nothing special, I tried the “Pytt i panna” (Swedish lasagne), which usually consists of a main dish with pork or beef and onions and potatoes or sliced beetroot with fried egg on the side, as dessert I had the “Lusserkatter”, a wheat and saffron flat cake, and the “Pepparkor”, ginger biscuits, all accompanied by beer, which apparently is never missing, even though it has a very low alcohol content; it must have been all that beer that made me go to the toilet, where I found it amusing to piss into something that only a couple of hours before I had admired in a museum, and I am sure that no urinal will ever be the same after this experience. If you are wondering how it went between Ulrika and me, well, it is my business, 2008, inkjet print on photograph paper, 29,5×16 cm


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