Amplifier on sale because not used: brand Elettronica Ancona, model Diamond 20, mic input, jack input, volume controller, bass and treble, 40 Watt power, suitable for guitars.  Well, to be honest, I sell it because I need cash. Things are not going very well, I’m strapped for money, it’s a great deal, I would like to make 50 euros, just to get by for a week, and in the meantime I look for a job, the thing is I have a job interview and I have to buy petrol for the car, or at least buy a train ticket, and I’ve met a gorgeous girl and I’d like to invite her for a drink, I’ve even asked my mother to lend me some money; yes, I still live with my mother and her pension is the only income, but she can’t give me any more money this month, she’s already given me more than she could. I’m sorry to sell the amplifier, I don’t play the electric guitar, but I had a bass guitar that a friend of mine had lent me, I’ve borrowed also the amplifier (from another friend not the same), I’ve already sold the bass guitar last month for 75 euro, so I don’t need the amplifier any more, and 50 euros is not that much, it’s too big a deal, and to be honest I couldn’t sell it because it’s not mine. Thus, I also risk to lose a friend for this and for such little money, but do you think I could lose a friend for 50 euros? I lost one selling the bass guitar! Ok, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t sell it any more, I will try to get the money somehow, thanks anyway, 2007, Inkjet print on photograph paper, 15×12,5



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