I recognize that the United States have invented several things such as Blues, Jazz, Rock, I recognize the actuality and interest for some film directors and artistic movements, I recognize the ’63 that became ’68 in the rest of the world, I recognize the beauty and splendor of some immortal cities as much as I recognize the invention of the atomic bomb and the use of a thing called WAR with the aim of making profits, I recognize the right of democracy even though it’s not always preserved as well as death sentence and a private health system, I recognize the K.K.K. and slavery. America is a great Country, also because Americans eat a lot and you can meet many obese people and as I recognize the production of some successful TV series and amusing cartoons, I also recognize the aids received through the Marshall Plan without feeling debtor for life, the gorgeousness of the Rushmore Mountain, the commitment of Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, or other great personalities that made America a great Country such as General Custer and his carnages of American natives, as I love Richard Nixon and the worst American presidents, I love America and that’s why I always keep the “Stars and Stripes” under my feet. I’ve been walking for years on the same colors that cover the coffins of those who die in the name of their Country and nobody has realized it. And to be honest, this product is made in USA, it’s not my fault if no one from the New Continent prevents this, as well as many other things, from happening. Well, I have to say that at least they are comfortable, 2007, inkjet print on photograph paper, 15×15 cm


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