cogito ergo eram

ubi labor pudor cessat, 2019, cardboard, rubber boots, wheel, wood and metal, 170x60x65 cm

black sheep, 2020, cardboard, metal and wheels, 72x68x83 cm

ex pallet, 2019, wood and golden nails, 34,5×34,5×34,5 cm

loser wash the dishes, 2019, concrete, plungers and wood, 75x75x48 cm

cogito ergo eram (little table), 2019, cardboard, wood and metal, 48x94x73 cm

from temporary to permanent, with a chance to escape, 2019, wood branch, iron tube, iron joint and shower 180x178x73cm

Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen, 2019, brick, gold leaf and concrete, 20x30x7 cm

11434921293120 bit, 2019, concrete and useless hard disk, 28,5×11,5×8,5 cm

il venerdì del villaggio, 2019, wood, concrete and radio, variable dimensioni

I’ll handle that, 2019, spirit bubble level and car crick, variable dimensions

you could do it, 2019, wood and skateboard wheels, 78x45x37cm 

it didn’t happen, 2019, ceramic and plastic, 60x40x18 cm

cents nest, 2019, 1 and 2 cents coins and various materials variable dimensions

mast have too, 2019, chromo steel sphere, ø 7 cm

one million and one hundred and eighty nine thousand and one hundred and eighty nine, 2019, poncho Quechua framed, 118x208cm

transformation of a broom into a spear but also the transformation of a spear into a broom, 2019, broom and metal, 30x4x190 cm

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