Portrait of my favourite shoes, even though some of my friends tell me they are tacky and my girlfriend hates them, I am attached to them, the good thing is that for years I have been trying to buy them, but being always broke, or to be precise, not having a day job, I hardly found myself in the position of being able to afford them, ill-fated for a couple of years when either I had the money but couldn’t find them, or, when those shops I use to go to for my shopping had them, I was without cash, until the day, after graduating, my sister Amelia, who is the oldest among us children, and her husband, asked me what I’d want to get as a present for completing my academic career (with good results, I should add), without thinking twice I replied I wanted those shoes, and within a couple of days, I had one of my dreams come true at last, I owned a pair of shoes with flames, which put like that might sound bad, but when I match them with my pinstriped grey suit I bought in Venice, my red shirt, black and red tie, I must say I look good, anyway, everyone has own taste, and coming back to the shoes, they are beautiful and I wear them in winter too, since I feel like the flames keep me warm, and when I run to catch a train or a bus or quite simply run, it seems I go very fast.  N.B. (?) maybe somebody will object to this last statement, Dr House told the same joke in an episode, referring to his new walking stick freshly decorated with flames, well, I said it first in unsuspicious times, I have witnesses too, 2009, inkjet print on photo paper, 18×13,5cm

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